That feeling of ennui where you don’t want to work has a well known moniker. It’s called “procrastinating.” Can you believe we have a word for that?

What’s more amazing is that we don’t have a word for “I’m not sure what I should be working on.”

But the most insidious demon of all is what I call “plancrastinating.” It’s a combination of the two in a circular death spiral. You don’t really want to work. You aren’t really sure what to work on. So you just wander off.

It can be hard to recognize because it FEELS like you’re procrastinating. So you employ your usual remedies against this familiar foe. But it doesn’t work because you’re not procrastinating. You’re adrift.

Sit down and start writing. Stream of consciousness. You’re already conscious. Just add writing. If you encounter a thing that might be considered a “to do” item, write it down.

Read here for how to conquer your to do list.

I’m willing to bet you’re ready to do at least one of the things on your new list. If not, NOW you can employ your procrastination defenses.